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pe 16. syysk.


Villilä Studiot Oy

Villilä Goes Psychobilly

Ilta jota et ennen ole kokenut Satakunnassa. Psychobillya, Outlaw Countrya ja Rock n Rollia ainutlaatuisissa puitteissa Villilän Studioilla. The Helsinners, Basementones ja Kryptonix!! Liput 20 € ovelta tai

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Villilä Goes Psychobilly
Villilä Goes Psychobilly

Aika & Paikka

16. syysk. 2022 klo 20.00 – 17. syysk. 2022 klo 1.30

Villilä Studiot Oy, Villiläntie 1, 29250 Nakkila, Finland


Ilta jota et ennen ole kokenut Satakunnassa. Psychobillya, Outlaw Countrya ja Rock n Rollia ainutlaatuisissa puitteissa Villilän Studioilla.

The Helsinners, Basementones ja Kryptonix!!

Ilmainen bussikuljetus Porista Promendikeskuksen edestä klo 20.00, Ulvilan kautta Villilään. Paluukyyti samaa reittiä, kun musiikki loppuu.

Nauti pitkä ilta ja aloita ruokaillen Verstaalla tai kartanolla. Majoitu hotellilla tai motellilla.

Nyt relataan ja rokataan!!

The Helsinners

The mighty Helsinners are a dangerous Outlaw Country / old school Psychobilly band formed in December 2018 in Helsinki by Janne Kotila.

With a mix of their own tunes and great covers the sound is kinda Mike Ness meets Hank 3. They released the PISTON PETE EP in December 2019 on HOLA-PETE RECORDS owned by MR PETER SANDORFF.

This hard working act is pushing onward with incredible speed and already going back to recording at the Finnish Legendary Sound Supreme Studio in continued cooperation with Pete Lapintie for a second release with HOLA-PETE RECORDS.

Janne Kotila, Musician, (Tuusula, Finland) Janne is a well established Finnish contrabass player born in Kemi and was already musically very active in playing in several Kemi bands in the 90's, including Killers Crew, De Soto, Whitecaps, Slapshots and Good Luck Charms. He recorded his first album in 1996.

After leaving Kemi, Janne has built a hectic career as a Contrabassist by playing in many bands in Finland and overseas. Before moving to Southern Finland he lived in Harlow, near London, performing with bands such as The Legendary Pharaohs and Noxious Toys. He's been recognized as one of the fastest contrabass players in the world by the US magazines. Although Janne's main style is psychobilly, he's versatile player, playing Psychobilly to Country and even Gipsy music.

Today you can hear his world-class contrabass playing in the the Peter Sandorff Band, Songs The Devil Taught Us, MultiClimex (Psychobilly) and The Helsinners (Outlaw-Country). He has also taken part in several other bands’ releases as a guest player. Janne is Sponsored by Jargar Strings.


Basementones is usually categorized as a psychobilly band but they are much more than "just another psychobilly band". Their music is basically Rock'n Roll with strong influences of Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Punk and even Metal. Like the band said; "We like to call it Punk'n Roll, but you can call it whatever you want."

Basementones was founded 2010 in Tampere, Finland and has been gigging succesfully around the country since then and rapidly created a decent fanbase. You can usually find many kind of subcultere people at Basementones gigs, from rockabillies to punks and psychos to metalheads.

They've been supporting bands like The Living End, Nekromantix, Jaya The Cat, Zipheads,Graveyard Johnnys etc. etc.Since 2015 Basementones has been touring also in europe doing club and festival shows in UK, Holland, Spain, Chzech, Sweden and Estonia.

Basementones has released so far one full lenght album (”Let There Be Noise” Turenki Records2013) and two EP's (”Gambler” Jungle Records 2012 and ”No ease, No rest, No mercy” Self /Undead Artists 2017).They also made a ”Masturbation” cover for the Godless Wicked Creeps -tribute album, released by Longneck Records 2012


Jani Juusela - Vocals

Kinnune - Guitar, B.vocals

Tuukka Laukia - Upright bass, B.vocals

Daniel Riuttaskorpi – Drums



Kryptonix was founded 1992 Montbeliard, France. They have made 6 prestigious albums, numerous compilations and a multitude of concerts in France and all of Europe. This year is a birthday year for them, because they have played now 30 years. Kryptonix has forged a solid reputation in the Psychobilly scene with legendary groups for example: Meteors, Batmobile, Demented Are Go, Mad Sin…to the famous artists: Anthrax, Mass Hysteria, Wampas, Marky Ramone/Michael Grave (Misfits), Tagada Jones…The hard-hitting rhythm trio accompanies singer Joe with his raspy, melodious voice and iconic stage presence, in French. Their show gives you a powerful R'N'R style with frenzied riffs and frantic rhythms, with sharp double bass.

SebKrypto : Drums

JpKrypto : Lead guitar

JoeKrypto : Lead vocal

RomuKrypto : Slap bass

Kryptonix officiel

Kryptonix since 1992

Ovet auki 20.30, Jungle Records nostaa fiilistä ennen bändejä ja bändien välissä.

Liput 20 €/kpl Verstaalta, Onnipekan Kaffelista tai Tiketistä 8.8 alkaen.

Nähdään Villilässä!! Tervetuloa!!

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